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A 100% true ITALIAN passion


The whole production process takes place fully respecting the natural cycles of the mushroom, the ripening of which is followed and controlled by expert personnel. A natural habitat is recreated in the mushroom beds which allows the spontaneous growth of the mushroom respecting its biological rhythms. When it has reached complete maturation, the product is carefully picked and immediately sent for processing to keep all its freshness and sensory characteristics.


After being picked in their patches, mushrooms are carefully selected. Some are then placed in boxes ready to be delivered to wholesale markets. The remaining  ones are placed in trays or sent to processing lines where they are immediately sliced and packed for large-scale distribution. The packaging lines are operated by personnel who select and handle the product with care to keep it whole.


A selected part of the production of button mushrooms is sent to the cooking process by a brand new system of the latest generation. The mushrooms arrive just after they have been picked in the morning and are immediately washed and steamed. After cooking, they are quickly cooled and then calibrated in various measurements according to market needs. In a short time, a transformed product is obtained which preserves the sensory characteristics, the freshness and consistency of the mushroom.


Thanks to its over 1,800 sq. m. of cold stores, to its 4.700 sq. m. areas of transformation and logistics and its own fleet of vehicles, keeping the cold chain is guaranteed so that the mushrooms can quickly reach the fruit and vegetable markets or supermarkets all over Italy.

The whole country is covered in 24 hours.

Funghi di Treviso

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