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In these few words we have wanted to summarize all our world, a world made up of passion, sacrifice and culture that is handed down from one generation to the next.

It is this way of conceiving work that acts as a bond between the 14 different farms in the provinces of Treviso, Padua and Belluno which have believed in a unique and important project bringing together skills, energies and capacities, giving rise to a Producer Organization (P.O.) recognized by the European Community, a member of Consortium “Fungo Italiano Certificato” (Italian Certified Mushroom).

Values like Quality, Training, Innovation and Respect make the P.O. Consorzio Funghi di Treviso s.c.a.p.a. the first production pole of mushrooms in Italy to date.


Numbers of employees

about 350



production cycles per year

from 8 to 12

Tons produced per year


m2 of cold stores


m2 areas of transformation and logistics


The production areas

Growing mushrooms is an art that we have been able to renew in time.

All our mushroom beds have latest generation production systems operated by computerized technology that can automatically control a number of parameters including humidity, temperature, CO2, the quantity of water in the cultivations and, at the end of the cycle, the periodic sterilization of the crop environments.

the production sites

Italian mushroom production Consorzio funghi di treviso

Funghi di Treviso

O.P. Consorzio Funghi di Treviso S.c.a.
Via Martiri della Libertà, 31
31036 Istrana (TV) – Italy
P.I. 03419220268

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