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Fungo Italiano Certificato

What is the goal of Consortium “Fungo Italiano Certificato”? This consortium was established with the aim to enhance and promote  mushrooms cultivated only and exclusively in Italy, from a production chain certified at each step in order to give to consumer the best guarantee of food safety.

Fungo Italiano Certificato in key words


Fungo Italiano Certificato is the only product that features a completely Italian production chain, certified at each step. From origin to processing and final distribution  cultivated mushrooms are tracked at each step of process. 100% Made in Italy, perfect for modern consumers ever more inclined towards good, healthy and reliable food products.


We strive to promote and increase the use of mechanical and biological means to protect crops from parasites and pests. Therefore utmost care goes  to preserving not only consumer’s health  but also the health of  environment, thanks to a lower consumption of energy and water.


Terrain is certified as well. Cultivated mushroom is the only vegetable product that grows on a totally controlled area.  With Fungo Italiano Certificato another step forward has been made by certifying the origin of terrain and of organic and biodegradable raw materials.  A process that requires a closed, protected environment and a renovated topsoil at each cultivation  in order to allow mushroom’s growing in full accordance with its biological rhythms.

Funghi di Treviso

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