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The logistic hubs


The headquarters of  “Consorzio Funghi di Treviso” are located here. This Producers’ Organization originating in the town of Treviso, the very heart of Veneto region, manages and supervises the whole production process with the aid of advanced plants and processing technologies but also thanks to the deep knowledge of expert staff  with a long experience in the field of mushroom production and processing.

This expertise gives birth to several kinds of quality controlled, certified fresh mushrooms cultivated only and exclusively in Italy that are then delivered to large-scale retail networks, fruit and vegetable markets and food industry.


This factory, covering an area of 2,000 m2, is specialized in mushroom processing and packing. Through this production plant the Producers’ Organization  “Consorzio Funghi di Treviso” makes local products available on the whole national territory, with a strong logistic support aimed at serving Central and Southern Italy. This production centre features specialized staff with many years of experience in manual processing of  sliced mushrooms that – combined with high investments in technologies – gives as a result high quality indicators and upgrades the whole Group.

Funghi di Treviso

O.P. Consorzio Funghi di Treviso S.c.a.
Via Martiri della Libertà, 31
31036 Istrana (TV) – Italy
P.I. 03419220268

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